Press Releases, Social Media, and More: Catherine Beswick, SMMI Editor-in-Residence

This week we welcomed Catherine Beswick, SMMI Editor-in-Residence, to talk to us about her (new) role, and how we, as postgraduate researchers, can benefit from her work. In Catherine’s own words, her job is to ‘shout about’ the work of the SMMI and its students to the outside world. While a big part of being a postgrad is about learning how to get your work out to academic audiences, Catherine is here to help us to share research with audiences outside of academia: be that the media, policy-makers, or relevant industries. Catherine has a background in Oceanography & Earth Sciences, and is dedicated to getting all kinds of marine and maritime research out to the audiences who could benefit the most from it.

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How can Catherine help postgraduate researchers?

She is really keen to help postgraduate students promote their own research. Some of the ways she can help us do this are:

Press releases. These can be used to promote events or research findings that are current, new, and noteworthy. Some conferences may ask speakers to write a press release about their papers, Catherine can help with this.

Featured articles. These are a great way to highlight the topical, interdisciplinary research happening in the SMMI – and your own work! These allow you to explain your research – and why it matters – in an in-depth, but accessible way.

Position papers. These comment on current debates – or take a strong position on them. These should extended the debate further, and could even offer a divisive opinion. These papers can actively feed into relevant policy on the issue involved.

 What can we do to help Catherine?

Are you on Twitter? Let Catherine know your Twitter handle! She will re-tweet relevant messages to the SMMI’s community of followers.

Let Catherine know about newsworthy events- have you secured significant funding, or had a paper accepted for publication? Give Catherine as much lead-in time as possible to generate press interest. She will make sure embargos are respected.

If you would like to write your own press release Catherine can help with this – or alternatively can write one on your behalf, after discussing its content with you.

Let Catherine know if you would like to lead on a position paper for the SMMI.

 And finally…

Catherine would like to gauge interest in a communications training workshop aimed specifically at postgraduate students. This could cover things like effective use of social media, or press release writing, but the content can be led by whatever we think would be useful.

Please leave a comment- or contact Catherine directly- if you’d like to attend a workshop like this, and if so, what you’d like to see covered in it.


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